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JamesChang. A person when laughs, will sound as if a million hens clucking in joy for laying eggs. A person that is also at times unpredictable and random. On occasions can be so dull that you might catch a cold, yet could be so wild that you might end up with a fever. So stay tuned, and prepare for a rollercoaster ride. Cause life is full of ups and downs.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Guess what

As reference to my previous posts, i guess i'm here even when i'm not ready after all.

but, i do miss home

but, i'm tired of standing alone

My feet, i can feel them wobbling, my shoulders, cracking under the weight of expectations. Foolish optimism & unrealistic hopefulness is all i have with me, and they are my pills that i swallow each night just so i can see the sun rise next day.

I can do it, i will survive. can i?

Thursday, December 8, 2016

When what if seems all to real for comfort

Today the question came, what if i relocate to another country for work?

Am I ready?

- I couldn't answer that question.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

There are days, where we just remember things.

Funny isn't it?

Sunday, November 8, 2015

And still, I wonder

am i on the right path?
there is more to life, i know. But as of now, am i at the right junction?

Life and its infinite, unfathomable mysteries.

Saturday, July 25, 2015


I never thought i'll be back here.

But i guess, an eventuality of life is we need somewhere to leave our thoughts.

I've always dreamt of:

Seeing more of this world
Join an expedition to the north pole
Join the crew of the king crab fishers
Be a war journalist
Be so rich that i can end poverty 
Lead my country back to what it once was
Quit my job, get the next plane ticket to new zealand and pluck apples for 6 months and have a simple lifestyle
To love, love so deep that the depth of the ocean could not compare
Be a teacher
Seeing my students be great man that would make the world a better place
Be a father
Seeing my children being people that would make this world a better place
Seeing my children deeply in love
Seeing my grandkids deeply in love
To see the next generation fare better than mine
And to see the next generation after the next fare even better
To attend my own funeral and to hear the eulogies for me
To be a pastor
To help mend broken families

I am just a man. A man with too many things in mind.
Dear whitespace, im not quite sure when will i return. I rarely have time for my thoughts now, i dont feel myself now, i feel like a shadown of who i used to be. The me now is someone that i need to be, someone that speaks what i need to speak.

I guess i only dare to re-open this box at this late night. Now it i need to seal it once more. Responsibility still takes lead. And perhaps, once upon another late night, i'll leave my thoughts. For the night belongs to the poets and madmen..

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Point of difference

Have you experience that moment, where you're ready and willing to give it all up, not that, but you already have nothing left to give up, where you find that moving on and fighting on is no longer something worth it, that you don't see it and your belief waver, where you start to doubt and thoughts of this is just another cycle and things will always.remain.the.same. Where it is at that point, things somehow just starts to fall into place naturally, and keeps you going. Thank you God, for keeping me going.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The silence lasted for days. And, the traveler waited. Perhaps, he hoped, perhaps the author will finish the story promptly. But finally, when the author spoke, He whispered, not yet. I'm not done with your character yet.

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